Joanna Gruesome might be one of my favorite bands going right now—and probably the most exciting. If there’s any justice, when their debut LP finally hits later this year it’s going to drop like a fuzz bomb of pop brillance, knocking down everything in its path. The two tracks on their recent Happy Happy Birthday To Me-released 7” are not only indicative of their wide-eyed energy and ability to write a fine hook, but also—and most importantly—that they aren’t afraid to kick you in the face and spit on your shoes. Just wait for “Secret Surprise” and you’ll really get it.

But for now we’ve got “Do You Really Wanna Know Why Yr Still In Love With Me?”: A song as impressive in its shimmering melodic drive and sheer length of title as Airport Girl’s indiepop classic “The Foolishness That We Create Through Love Is The Closest We Come To Greatness”. But where Airport Girl’s ode to life-affirming love runs on wonderfully blind optimism, you get the sense that JGro aren’t quite that naive. Love cuts, folks.

Get it from Happy Happy Birthday To Me or yr favorite distro.

And now I have a favorite new song.

Noisy in just the right ways, with hooks and a sense of wonder.