"I Must Be Emo" - News Report from Devil’s Lake- Grand Forks TV Station.

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Sometimes my life is too literal.

Tags: Emo


Does it make me a bad person that I love about a third of this list?

Of course it doesn’t. At least a third of the list is terrific. Can we please stop talking about music in terms of how it negatively affects our self-worth or self-image? Everybody?

I’m not going to ask again.

Haha, fair enough. I wasn’t serious about thinking less of myself. (It was kind of a weak attempt at an emo joke). I am finally getting over the idea of guilty pleasures and the like, and am trying to rid that attitude among my friends. It was more a way of expressing the sense of nostalgia that list gave me for music I no longer really listen to much, and I think gets a little flack critically.

I do wish we had spotify in canada so I could give the list a spin.

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